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As busy professionals, we understand you cannot always attend networking sessions and meet face-to-face. In response to your busy schedules, we will be posting a series of webinars, allowing you to access valuable information whenever it makes sense in your day.

We will also post videos of our events, when possible, in the Enclave section to keep you up-to-date on the latest business trends and innovation happening in Pennsylvania.

Accessing your first webinar takes a few easy steps:

In order to access webinars, listeners must possess either a Penn State User ID or a Friends of Penn State User ID.

The following document gives instructions on how to quickly and easily register for the FPS User ID.


Investor Hot Buttons vis-à-vis University Research

Early stage investors have long played an important part in the commercialization of academic research.  For institutions of higher education to be full partners in this process, it is important to understand how investors look at the world, particularly when their viewpoint diverges from that of academia.  This brief webinar will help faculty and administrative staff at IHE’s to make sense of what makes research attractive to investors.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.

A Conversation on Commercialization

This webinar is a conversation between Jill Edwards, Executive Director of ITN, and Dr. Robert Smith, Dean of Millersville University's School of Science and Mathematics and Chair of the ITN Advisory Board.  The topic of conversation is commercialization, particularly how it has become part of how Dr. Smith looks at academic research and collaboration with companies.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.


The new virtuous cycle

The Virtuous Cycle in the academic gift economy underlies how academic researchers view the development and dissemination of new knowledge to the Commons.  This webinar suggests an amendment to that cycle that includes protection of discoveries to make them usable in commercial markets, along with what it takes to bring a discovery to commercialization.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.


sustaining company growth

Technology entrepreneurs are often unfamiliar with the financial side of business.  This webinar describes certain fundamental calculations CEOs without deep financial training can use to help them plan and support the growth of their companies.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.


elevator pitches and more

Having developed a technology and needing funding to finance the launch of a company, it's critically important to know how to give a compelling elevator pitch, as an entré into equity funding sources.  This webinar describes the components of an effective elevator pitch, along with how angel groups and venture capital fairs work.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.


patent reform

The America Invents Act, AKA Patent Reform, goes into full effect in March 2013.  This session describes how the Act will change how patents are reviewed, approved and defended.  In addition to the new policy of "first to file" rather than "first to invent", there are numerous changes that will impact strategies on when and how to file patent applications.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.


facebook for professionals:  profiles, groups and pages

Facebook has become a ubiquitous communications tool, both personally and professionally.  Maintaining a professional image on Facebook requires thought as to appropriate limits of access and use.  This webinar will discuss those issues as well as how to get started with Profiles, Groups and Pages in Facebook.  Please click here to be linked to the webinar site.