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Home > News > Carlisle Business Launching Software Developed in Partnership with Millersville University

Carlisle Business Launching Software Developed in Partnership with Millersville University

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The Patriot-News, 10/15/09

A Carlisle-based startup software company is launching an online food-ordering program developed in part by Millersville University students.

The company, Cruzstar, develops online ordering programs for the food industry. It held a premier for the program, Cruzcourt, Wednesday night at Murata Business Center in Carlisle. The software is aimed at smaller corporations that do not have their own cafeterias and allows employees to order food using a computer.

Cruzstar teamed with Millersville University's Software Productization Center to develop the program. The center connects students with small businesses to help develop software. Cruzcourt was the first large-scale program worked on by students at the center.

Six Millersville University students worked on the software over the course of a year, gaining college credit. They were not all computer science majors -- some worked on other areas, like graphic design.

"You see business involvement, and you don't see any that are as cross-discipline as we are," said Stephanie Elzer, director of Millersville's Software Productization Center.

Working with Millersville students helped speed development of the software and saved Cruzstar at least $100,000, said Adrian Fang, president and chief executive officer of Cruzstar. He originally did not expect to begin work on the program until 2010, he said.

Now the company, founded in 2006, hopes to have the program on the market by 2010.

Source:  The Patriot-News, 10/15/09, Rick Seltzer