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Sustainability Drumbeat Continues

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Interest in sustainability and environmental stewardship continues to grow both within our institutions and in the business community. A recent faculty forum hosted at Penn State Berks that focused on green initiatives in engineering was a success. ITN is looking to build on that event by building an interdisciplinary community of faculty interested in sustainability research at our partner institutions.

For example, projects are continuing to make the Gaige Building at Penn State Berks, which already has LEED Gold-certification, even more “green.” ITN is working to foster these business/institutional collaborations to spur development of new products and innovations. Similar efforts are ongoing at other local and national institutions. The American Association for Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) reports that, “a handful of higher education institutions are pushing the limits by constructing highly energy efficient and net-zero energy infrastructure and integrating these lessons into curricula. Stellar examples include Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA; North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA; and University of California, Davis.”(A. Putnam, The Beauty of Net-Zero Energy Infrastructure, view article)

Businesses and corporations have also begun to hear the sustainability drumbeat. Ideas like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and adherence to the “triple-bottom line” of economics, environment, and society are rapidly gaining popularity. Many companies are now reassessing their operations and facilities to see where improvements can be made. ITN is dedicated to matching faculty research interests with these efforts.

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