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Mr. Michael Andrus

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WeFeedUs, LLC

298 D McAllister Church Rd.


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Mr. Michael Andrus

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WeFeedUs provides a scalable commercial aquaponic solution for future sustainable, permanent, renewable food and energy ecosystems. WeFeedUs is a complete eco-system model that connects the growth of sustainable food sources, the community, the environment and energy solutions for a greener, healthier planet. The long-term goal of the company is to establish similar facilities throughout the world with a view towards producing a range of sustainably produced products that are regionally grown and only transported a minimal distance. The cultivation technology is itself highly energy efficient and site selection for each facility will be based upon on a number of specific criteria that will enable the product range to maintain its sustainable produced status. The WeFeedUs eco-system maximizes the utilization of nutrients, waste and other important natural components to promote the robust growth of sustainable Produce, Aquaculture, Algae, and other co-products. To learn more about WeFeedUs, please visit our website at www.wefeedus.com

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Environmental studies, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, sustainability, aquaculture, phycology, aquaponics

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